Wood Framing Contractors


Framing contractors perform structural framing, sheathing, and related construction activities for buildings. The majority of their business comes from wood-framed single-family residences, but they also work on apartment and commercial buildings. The industry is relatively small in the US, with approximately 11,500 establishments. It uses wood and steel to frame buildings. There are also a few companies that specialize in precast concrete framing.
Wood framing contractors should have a Class "DW" license, which allows them to perform rough carpentry and wood framing projects. This license is required for companies to build wooden structures, including sub-flooring, exterior stairways, and guard rails. In addition, contractors must carry general liability and workers' compensation insurance.
The materials used in framing projects should be chosen carefully. The type of wood used in a building depends on its availability and cost. Framing contractors should consider factors like strength and workability to determine the best material for the job. Lumber is graded based on growth characteristics, as well as its ability to resist changes in moisture. The wood should also be stored properly, to prevent shrinkage and other damage to its structural properties.
The most common material the wood framing companies use for framing is wood. Lumber is most commonly used in light-frame construction. Light-frame materials include wood, rectangular steel, and aluminum tubes. The pieces are often connected using nail fasteners or pan-head framing screws. Some types of exterior sheathing are required by building codes for adequate bracing. Other materials include rigid glass-fiber, polyurethane boards, and asphalt-coated fiberboard.
When wood framing is completed, wood members are cut to size and assembled into the desired structure, and adhere to construction documents and local building codes. The process also involves platform and balloon framing. Depending on the style of your home, wood framing contractors may use either one of these methods.
The most common wood framing method for building a wood-framed building is platform framing, which is similar to balloon framing. This method uses shorter lengths of lumber with two-by-fours spaced 16 inches apart. This method is lighter than balloon framing and requires no hangers. For more insight on this post visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timber_framing.

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